When was AG Mednet founded?


Where is AG Mednet headquartered?

AG Mednet is headquartered in Boston and serves the global medical and clinical trial communities.

Who founded AG Mednet?

AG Mednet was founded by executives from the healthcare and telecommunications industries. The team has applied proven telecom principles along with patent pending technologies to deliver a multi-fold increase in imaging delivery performance and ease of use, while providing access and exchange capabilities between sites, regardless of the type of modality, PACS or DICOM reader.

Who is on the company’s senior management team?

Abraham Gutman, President and CEO
Lawrence Christofori, Chief Operating Officer
Brian Kelly, Vice President, Business Development & Worldwide Sales
Doug Steinfeld, Vice President, Engineering & Operations

Who is on the AG Mednet Board of Directors?

Abraham Gutman, Chairman
Ben Gomez, Managing Director, Pilot House Associates
Dr. Barbara McNeil, M.D., Ph.D. Chairwoman, Department of Healthcare Policy, Harvard Medical School

Who are AG Mednet’s investors?

AG Mednet is a privately-held company. The company has secured funding from key individual investors who wish to remain anonymous.

What is AG Mednet? What does AG Mednet do?

AG Mednet automates, expedites and improves outcomes in clinical trials by ensuring quality and compliance within critical medical imaging processes. More than 15,000 registered users across thousands of investigator sites in 60 countries use AG Mednet to participate in projects sponsored by each of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. AG Mednet helps sites to assemble image exam submissions ensuring that they are protocol compliant and reducing by over 75% the number of queries back from trial managers.

AG Mednet extends its data quality management technology to the area of endpoint and safety event adjudication with Judi which helps sponsors and CROs manage clinical events, from trigger to final adjudication in drug, biologic and medical device trials. Judi, developed from the ground up to manage endpoint and safety event adjudication processes, takes advantage of AG Mednet’s vast global experience delivering software in support of clinical trials.

Who does AG Mednet serve?

AG Mednet serves Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device companies, Core Labs, and Clinical Research Organizations utilizing imaging technology as part of their trial protocols, as well as hospitals, teleradiology companies and imaging centers wishing to exchange diagnostic images with partners or service providers.

In drug development context, AG Mednet provides an easy to use mechanism enabling sites worldwide to de-identify and transfer cases and associated transmittal forms directly from modalities, PACS or CDs directly to one or more trial repositories. From the core lab and CRO perspective, cases can be delivered directly to the trial’s specific QA environment or work repository, enabling immediate access, and providing auditable logs and reports for conformance and quality measures.

In the clinical environment, the AG Mednet network enables studies to be seamlessly transferred from remote locations to a central repository. There, the studies can be accessed by interpreting physicians directly from the local PACS through thin clients, or simultaneously delivered to full featured workstations at remote reading rooms, an interpreter’s home or a third party on the network.

Will my files be secure?

AG Mednet meets or exceeds U.S., European and Japanese data security standards. Image data submitted on AG Mednet is encrypted prior to leaving the investigator site, and is encrypted specifically to the trial to which it is being sent. Over 20,000 image exams are sent every month from 60 different countries to repositories residing at a multitude of sponsor and imaging core laboratories world-wide. For more information about AG Mednet security, please read our white paper.

What are the benefits of AG Mednet Certification?

Being certified on AG Mednet Will ensure that your submissions are protocol compliant, and that you will receive significantly less queries from your core lab and sponsor around data integrity. You will be guaranteed that all your submissions meet all U.S., E.U. and Japanese patient privacy regulations, and that your data will flow directly into core lab systems without having to be re-entered. Through automated email notifications, you will know immediately when you submissions have been received by the core lab or the sponsor.

Tell us more about the AG Mednet network.

AG Mednet is an extensive HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant network designed to route DICOM and non-DICOM based diagnostic image studies ranging from standard modalities like CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET and digital x-ray to the most advanced studies such as IVUS and CTA/MRA yielding multi-gigabyte data sets.

With its powerful routing and traffic grooming capabilities, AG Mednet subscribers utilizing imaging technology perform the most demanding tasks, all without manual intervention, IT administration or capital investment. With a record 99.9999% uptime, it meets the most stringent requirements demanded by emergency radiology applications, as well as patient eligibility verification for clinical trials.

As a carrier-class network, AG Mednet is monitored 24x7x365.

Who uses AG Mednet’s network?

Pharmaceutical, device and bio-technology companies as well as imaging CROs, use the AG Mednet network in support of their global clinical trials. Prominent teleradiology service providers have adopted the AG Mednet network to ensure improved delivery of flawless images.

How can I learn more? Contact the company?

For more information please visit www.agmednet.com or call 855-AGMEDNET.