EDC/CTMS Integration

DICOM Clinical Trials

AG Mednet provides two-way integration with the leading EDC platforms, as well as a variety of clinical trial management systems. By making extensive use of the DICOM standard’s clinical trial meta-data definitions, a site sender using AG Mednet is presented with real-time EDC/CTMS details such as site-enrolled patients and timepoints enabling them to pick the specific option for the data they are preparing to send. Once they complete their submission, all the additional information they are sending, including their entries in case report forms, is fed back automatically into the EDC/CTMS without human intervention. This complete cycle reduces errors and the queries they usually generate.

EDC/CTMS integration benefits include:

  • Elimination of many common opportunities for errors at the site
  • Reduction of data entry costs
  • Real time reconciliation of imaging submissions