Electronic Transport


AG Mednet’s electronic transport is faster, more reliable and less expensive than courier or alternative electronic methods. AG Mednet guarantees delivery directly to the trial repository and includes built-in mechanisms that overcome obstacles such as network outages and computer failures. Additionally, AG Mednet provides automated notifications allowing senders, core labs and sponsors to be alerted as submissions are made. Unlike other electronic methods, AG Mednet does not require changes to site firewalls and trial coordinators do not need to nurse the transfer of image timepoints. AG Mednet monitors the process and can pickup wherever it left off if there was an interruption. Additionally, senders can use their computer for other tasks while transfers are taking place.

Transport benefits include:

  • More efficient and cost-effective than courier
  • Faster and more reliable than FTP
  • Utilization rates of more than 80%
  • Lower frustration levels for site users
  • Significant reduction in effort for recipients who no longer have to import images into their image-management systems
  • Greater visibility to the transport process for everyone