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Founded 2005
What is AG Mednet? AG Mednet is the world’s largest HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant diagnostic imaging exchange network. The AG Mednet network routes DICOM-based diagnostic image studies ranging from standard modalities, like CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET and digital x-ray, to the most advanced studies, such as IVUS and CTA/MRA yielding multi gigabyte-sized data sets. With its powerful routing and traffic grooming capabilities, AG Mednet subscribers —Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device companies, Core labs, and Clinical Research Organizations utilizing imaging technology as part of their trial protocols— enable investigator sites to complete fully validated steps such as image de-identification and completion of transmittal forms, as well as the submission of the data to the trial repositories.  All this is done without manual intervention, IT administration or capital investment.

As a carrier-class fiber-optic network, AG Mednet is monitored 24x7x365. With a record of 99.9999% uptime, it meets the most stringent requirements including subject eligibility scans in clinical trials, which can be made available in real time for efficient decission making.

Key Audience: Clinical Trials
AG Mednet is the ideal platform to gather cases from dozens—even hundreds—of locations to be delivered to one or more clinical trial repositories. Designed as both a HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant image transport network, AG Mednet provides the carrier-class reliability, flexibility and ease of use to enable Core Labs, CROs and sponsor companies/organizations to gather image based data from trial participants at any investigator site—from the most advanced, academia-based sites, to the most remote sites in all corners of the globe.

Team AG Mednet was founded by executives from the healthcare and telecommunications industries. The team has applied proven telecom principles along with patent-pending technologies to deliver a multi-fold increase in imaging delivery performance and ease of use, while providing access and exchange capabilities between sites, regardless of the type of modality, PACS or DICOM reader.

Abraham Gutman, President and CEO
Lawrence Christofori, Chief Operating Officer
Brian Kelly, Vice President, Business Development & Worldwide Sales
Doug Steinfeld, Vice President, Engineering & Operations

Boston, Massachusetts

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