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Zero Delay When investigator sites are provided the right tools to help them build protocol compliant submissions, data queries go down and trials develop more smoothly. Learn about what these tools are and how they can impact your clinical trial.

Download Zero-Delay: Quality in Clinical Trials Begins at the Source

Managed Services Would your company use a phone service which could not guarantee the reliability of every call to and from your customers? Would you choose a phone company who’s main business was not telecommunications? Managed services are key to ensure the proper collection, deidentification and delivery of images for clinical trials.

Download AG Mednet v. Unmanaged Services White Paper

Part 11 Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential to ensure that clinical trial results are a true reflection of a compound’s effectiveness. In imaging trials these regulations ensure subject privacy, increase data quality and reduce data queries.

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DICOM Conformance with imaging standards guarantees that protocol compliant images submitted by investigator sites will have the required structure that enables sponsors and imaging core labs to validate their content.

Download our DICOM Conformance Statement 

Paper icon with 'E' label With Judi, AG Mednet is the first platform to more easily manage projects, reduce queries, deliver higher accountability and increase quality throughout the adjudication process.

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