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AG Mednet Delivers Clinical Trial Imaging Platform to Qynapse

AG Mednet is delivering its Judi // Imaging services to Qynapse to ensure accurate deployment of medical images within Qynapse’s quantitative imaging services for clinical trials.

Qynapse provides a cloud-based solution for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers to support the accurate diagnosis, prognosis and drug efficacy measurement for central nervous system diseases, enabling improved clinical trial performance and personalized patient care.

Judi // Imaging, part of AG Mednet’s technology platform that includes medical imaging and endpoint adjudication services, provides the functionality and support needed to collect image data, de-identify it to ensure regulatory compliance, apply advanced, automated quality-assurance processes to insure the data is protocol-compliant and readily usable, and deliver it reliably and securely to trial repositories.

“AG Mednet helps us deliver valuable information on time for the delivery of targeted and successful clinical trials,” said Olivier Courrèges, CEO, Qynapse. “We receive imaging data from multiple sites in multiple countries, and it must be compliant, anonymized and secure. Judi Imaging checks all those needs and more.”

Qynapse is using Judi // Imaging to:

  • Manage medical images and ensure accurate deployment globally
  • Set compliant workflows
  • Store and manage imaging data securely

“Qynapse is doing remarkable work with image analysis and machine learning technology in a quest to transform the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of CNS diseases, and delivering standardized imaging protocols to its clients is critical to achieving this. That’s music to my ears,” said Abraham Gutman, president and CEO, AG Mednet. “The flexibility of using Judi makes so much sense as Qynapse takes in imaging data from sites around the world to help its clients measure drug efficacy.”

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