AG Mednet enables Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital radiology department to increase efficiency, improve patient service


AG Mednet, the world’s largest diagnostic imaging exchange network, today outlined improvements to Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital’s Radiology practices that have resulted from the Hospital’s use of the AG Mednet network. After just five months of using the AG Mednet network, the Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital Radiology Department has increased efficiency, interpretation turnaround time, and accessibility of reports, which has resulted in better service and care for patients.

Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital in Braintree, Mass., joined the AG Mednet network and began consulting with Quincy Medical Center for Radiology reads in February 2007, after determining its prior Radiology affiliation was not adequately meeting the needs of patients and staff.

“Each year, Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital’s Radiology Department gathers, interprets and disseminates more than six thousand exams and AG Mednet enables us to improve efficiency every step of the way,” explained Jim Mulcahy, director of radiology for Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital. “Through AG Mednet, we’ve partnered with Quincy Medical Center and our scans are now quickly read and signed. The AG Mednet Portal allows the Radiology Techs and the Hospital’s medical staff easy access to all reports.”

Previously, Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital would send scans to be read elsewhere. It would take almost one week to have a scan interpreted and signed, which was unacceptable to a facility that makes fast and accurate diagnoses a priority.

Dr. Jose Varghese, chief of radiology at Quincy Medical Center fostered the introduction to AG Mednet and shortly afterward, Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital joined the diagnostic imaging exchange network.

“Implementation was simple, had no infrastructure impact and easily linked to our existing computerized radiology system,” added Mr. Mulcahy.

Today at Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital, six Radiology Technologists, as well as the entire medical staff, use AG Mednet to access radiology reports twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No additional training was required; money was saved by doing away with transcription services and staff morale improved because manual processes were eliminated.

“The partnership between Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital and Quincy Medical Center is a testament to their commitment of providing a high standard of patient care,” said Abraham Gutman, founder and CEO for AG Mednet. “AG Mednet is the catalyst for connecting smaller, and specialized, health centers with metropolitan facilities and highly qualified Radiologists, which further demonstrates how a broad based radiology telecommunications infrastructure can improve healthcare.”

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