AG Mednet enables Marlborough Hospital to offer advanced imaging capabilities, enhance range of patience services and complete a PACS migration project


Secure Image Exchange Now Possible in Seconds, Not Minutes

AG Mednet, the world’s largest diagnostic imaging network, today outlined how Marlborough Hospital has benefited since joining the AG Mednet network 18 months ago. Marlborough Hospital sought to access a broader range of imaging capabilities, with a goal to increase the quality and scope of services offered to patients, while maintaining the highest levels of security and patient confidentiality. Marlborough Hospital was also looking for an effective and efficient way to migrate thousands of studies from their legacy PACS system to their new state of the art environment, a problem which is generally difficult to solve due to PACS storage incompatibilities across vendors.

In looking for different solutions, Marlborough Hospital wanted to avoid traditional time- and cost-intensive approaches, which required steep learning curves, major IT intervention and purchasing special-purpose telecom links. The Hospital turned to AG Mednet to meet these distinct requirements.

A member of UMass Memorial Medical Center, the largest health care system in Central and Western Massachusetts, Marlborough Hospital treats approximately 100,000 outpatients between its emergency room and various diagnostic laboratories and imaging facilities every year. The hospital contracts with three full-time radiologists, as well as a number of part-time physicians used to supplement the hospital’s available capacity.

Marlborough Hospital underwent a major upgrade its imaging capabilities, moving to 100 percent digital and updating their PACS. One of the issues this upgrade presented was the ability to move images in and out of the facility, particularly important for nighttime teleradiology needs. Previously, it would take more than 10 minutes to upload images via the hospital’s existing VPN. This was an unacceptable service level for the hospital, particularly in regard to more sophisticated studies such as multi-detector CT scans, which are often made up of more than 1,500 separate images.

By utilizing the AG Mednet network, Marlborough Hospital has HIPAA-compliant secure access to multiple outside institutions that provide them with emergency radiology coverage and to offsite 3D post-processing of multi-slice CTs – just as quickly and effectively as if they were sending images down the hall. Additionally, AG Mednet enabled the hospital to migrate studies to their new PACS quickly and easily, overcoming vendor incompatibilities and enabling the hospital to continue accessing their historical data in digital form. All of this was accomplished with existing systems and workflows, with no capital investment required on the hospital’s part.

“What’s really revolutionary is the strength and reach of the AG Mednet infrastructure. The speed and reliability of the network provide us with significant peace of mind in knowing that our access is continuous and is being monitored for us 24/7/365,” explained Candra Szymanski, RN, chief operating officer for Marlborough Hospital. “There were no new systems to learn, minimal IT effort, the elimination of VPNs and no need to purchase special-purpose telecom links to the facilities we’re working with. We went from a darkroom processor to completely digital and a new PACS in just over a year. We simply couldn’t have accomplished this without AG Mednet.”

Women who undergo mammograms at Marlborough Hospital are now benefiting from the latest diagnostic technology available, digital mammography. Marlborough Hospital, which began offering digital mammography in late June 2007, is one of only 20 percent of hospitals nationwide offering this state-of-the-art system.

“It’s very gratifying to see the level of results Marlborough Hospital has experienced from using the AG Mednet network,” said Abraham Gutman, founder and CEO of AG Mednet. “It’s a new age in health care when hospitals such as Marlborough can offer the same state-of-the-art imaging services to patients that large, urban facilities offer, without making enormous capital investments. The efficiency and high level of service that Marlborough hospital strives to offer the community is a testament to the foresight and commitment of their entire team. We’re proud to be Marlborough Hospital’s partner in ensuring they’re at the forefront of imaging technology.”

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