AG Mednet launches into market; company improves & enhances delivery of medical images for hospitals, radiologists and clinical trial settings


Customers Nationwide Already Benefiting from AG Mednet Solution

In the ever-changing healthcare world, hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers, radiologists and clinical trial settings face a number of critical challenges regarding the delivery of medical images. To address these challenges, AG Mednet today launched into the market and introduced the world’s largest diagnostic imaging exchange network. AG Mednet’s network enables hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers of all sizes to provide the highest standard of scan interpretation to referring physicians, improving patient care and service. Radiologists who want to expand their business benefit from AG Mednet’s anytime/anywhere access to flawless images. Pharmaceutical, biotech, device and clinical research organizations utilizing imaging technology can now rely on AG Mednet’s automated system to recruit imaging sites and exchange secure images, reducing time and costs.

“The use of diagnostic imaging is increasing across nearly every facet of healthcare. On the clinical side, the number of radiologists qualified to interpret these scans has not kept pace and, on the research side, the volume of studies being sent through couriers is making their management very difficult,” said Abraham Gutman, founder and CEO of AG Mednet. “We founded AG Mednet to fill a real void in the market and change the face of medical imaging by making the exchange of diagnostic images as easy and ubiquitous as the dial tone. We’re delighted that so many customers of all sizes have already adopted the AG Mednet solution as a reliable and cost-effective way to quickly and securely transmit lossless images.”

Key AG Mednet Benefits

The AG Mednet network has made obsolete the traditional methods of image delivery and provides a number of distinct benefits for each of the three constituencies it serves:

Hospitals/Diagnostic Imaging Centers

AG Mednet enables hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers to have reliable, anytime/anywhere access to image interpretation from an extensive community of radiologists via the secure, rapid and lossless transmission of studies to subscribers, without requiring the ramp up of in-house radiology staffing or a partnership with just one off-site practice. With AG Mednet, hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers:

  • Provide the highest standard of scan interpretation to referring physicians— with no capital investment or IT administration required—improving overall patient care and service.
  • Increase modality utilization, efficiency, interpretation turnaround time and revenue, while gaining immediate access to expert interpretation from anywhere in the world.
  • Handle higher patient volume, have extensive radiology coverage year-round, and exchange more lossless studies in less time.


Radiologists are currently facing a high volume medical imaging environment. With AG Mednet, radiologists who want to expand their business and maintain a high quality of life, while best serving their patients, benefit from anytime/anywhere access to flawless images. Subscribing to AG Mednet enables radiologists to:

  • Gain access to urban and rural hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, physicians and clinical trials that need image interpretation.
  • Easily exchange high quality lossless images, from anywhere and at anytime, from their existing workstation and avoid hectic travel.
  • Increase revenue by maximizing reads per day, schedule flexibility and scan flow.

Clinical Trial Settings

Clinical trials are complex and time-intensive enough without worrying about the logistics around collecting studies. With AG Mednet, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, device and clinical research organizations that utilize imaging technology have added flexibility in protocol design, enhanced workflow integration and site compliance, and efficient transport management, all leading to faster trials at lower cost. By subscribing to the network, clinical trials benefit from:

  • Delivery of secure, lossless digital images, 24/7/365, directly to trial repositoriesanywhere in just minutes.
  • Faster, easier access to images and expert interpretation that is far less costlythan traditional shipping methods or web-based solutions.
  • Streamlined processes and state-of-the-art technology that does not requirecapital investment, training or IT administration.

AG Mednet was founded by executives from the healthcare and telecommunications industries. The team has applied proven telecom principles along with patent- pending technologies to deliver a multi-fold increase in imaging delivery performance and ease of use, while providing access and exchange capabilities between hospitals and interpreting physicians, regardless of the type of modality, PACS or DICOM reader. AG Mednet’s private 10 Gigabit nationwide network meets any scan volume and performance requirements.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital: An Early AG Mednet Success Story

One of AG Mednet’s earliest adopters has been Boston’s prestigious Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Brigham and Women’s has more than 700 beds and provides remote diagnostic image study interpretations to more than 15 regional hospitals and imaging centers throughout Massachusetts. Brigham and Women’s turned to AG Mednet to help address the scalability requirements of their thriving Nightwatch and Community Radiology offerings, which could not be properly served by traditional PACS and VPN-based solutions. With AG Mednet’s ability to bring a new location on- line in less than one day, the hospital is able to offer its services faster and more efficiently than ever before.

AG Mednet has provided this premier Boston hospital and all its partners a flexible solution that enables each to work with their preferred PACS and modalities, while having a straightforward ability to exchange studies at anytime, with minimum maintenance, no capital investment and low operating costs. With diagnostic studies flowing from remote locations directly into Brigham and Women’s multiple PACS, the 30-minute response time level of service prescribed in their contracts can be easily met, thus maintaining and improving on patient care across the entire region.

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