AG Mednet to Address Global Endpoint Adjudication Challenges

Endpoint Adjudication conference

AG Mednet is presenting at the 4th Annual Endpoint Adjudication Conference taking place from May 1 to 2. The session titled “Overcome Global Endpoint Adjudication Challenges,” co-presented by Abraham Gutman, founder and president of AG Mednet, and Alisa Hummings, Global Head of the Clinical Event Validation for IQVIA, will address the complicated nature of adjudication when working across geographies.

CBI’s Annual Endpoint Adjudication Conference provides practical insights to manage the complex adjudication process for independent review committee selection and charter development, as well as compiling information from various sources to provide consistent, reliable and accurate data for adjudication.

In their session, Ms. Hummings and Mr. Gutman will discuss:

  • Standardizing the endpoint adjudication process across the globe through consistent endpoint definitions, without being restrictive
  • Ensuring quality and accuracy in reported data from global studies
  • Navigating challenges with multiple languages, correct understanding of study-specific procedures and delays caused by time zones

“It is always a pleasure to share the stage with our customers and in this particular case to discuss the complexities and solutions to advanced endpoint adjudication challenges,” said Abraham Gutman.

AG Mednet is providing crucial technology for endpoint adjudication in clinical trials, now chosen to manage more than 45,000 adverse events. Judi, the first comprehensive electronic endpoint adjudication system to manage workflow and ensure data quality, is AG Mednet’s solution for sponsors and CROs to manage clinical events from trigger to final adjudication in pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device clinical trials.

Judi is an integrated SaaS tool, providing a level of flexibility that enables the implementation of the most complex endpoint and adverse event processes, translating into more easily managed projects, fewer queries, higher accountability and increased quality throughout. Judi helps investigator sites, CROs, data managers, CEC members and sponsors who submit, collect, manage, organize and adjudicate clinical endpoint data.

For more information about AG Mednet’s endpoint adjudication technology and solutions that support the entire clinical trial spectrum, visit

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