AG Mednet’s Judi Chosen to Manage 45,000 Adjudication Endpoints and Adverse Events in the Last 24 Months

AG Mednet is making significant progress in providing needed technology for endpoint adjudication in clinical trials, now chosen to manage more than 45,000 adverse events. Judi, the first comprehensive electronic endpoint adjudication system to manage workflow and ensure data quality, is AG Mednet’s solution for sponsors and CROs to manage clinical events from trigger to final adjudication in pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device clinical trials.

To date, AG Mednet is working with 20 different sponsors, which are using Judi to handle tens of thousands of adverse events and endpoints across 60 protocols globally. Judi has been available commercially for less than two years. AG Mednet’s mission is to establish standards in an industry that struggles with employing the right technologies to solve drug and device development’s biggest challenges.

“That Judi is being embraced by sponsors and CROs is wonderful, but what’s more striking is the rapid adoption of our platform to help streamline endpoint adjudication. This is a part of the clinical trials industry that is in great need, and can now count on a robust system to ensure compliance and timeliness,” said Abraham Gutman, president and CEO, AG Mednet. “We are just starting to tap the potential of automation for adjudication. As more trials recognize the need for technology to help improve endpoint adjudication processes and outcomes, we expect Judi to become the de facto standard for workflow challenges across clinical trials.”

See Judi at the 4th Annual Endpoint Adjudication Conference, May 1-2, 2018. CEO Abraham Gutman will speak to the unique needs of endpoint adjudication at the conference during a session titled “Overcome Global Endpoint Adjudication Challenges.”

Judi is an integrated SaaS tool, providing a level of flexibility that enables the implementation of the most complex endpoint and adverse event processes, translating into more easily managed projects, fewer queries, higher accountability and increased quality throughout. For more information about AG Mednet’s endpoint adjudication technology and solutions that support the entire clinical trial spectrum, visit

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