AG Mednet’s Strong Momentum Accelerates Clinical Trial Workflow and Automation Adoption

February 3, 2020 AG Mednet is experiencing dramatic industry-wide growth across all facets of the clinical trial industry. Industry reliance on its technology platform to solve clinical trial workflow and automation challenges is at an all-time high. As a result, in 2019, AG Mednet realized more than 35 percent growth both in revenue and new product sales, and nearly 40 percent growth in average deal-value. From imaging to adjudication, the clinical trial industry is rapidly accelerating its use of the company’s technology because data quality matters.

In the last year alone, AG Mednet added 12 new master service agreements with sponsors, including with top 10 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Currently, there are 725 clinical trials running on the AG Mednet family of services, an indication of the trust the industry places on this proven, reliable set of offerings. More than 60,000 registered users across thousands of investigator sites in more than 80 countries use AG Mednet to adjudicate thousands of events and to submit millions of images per month in projects sponsored by each of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

Meeting enhanced data needs, adhering to regulatory requirements and streamlining cumbersome, error-filled processes are urgent priorities for the clinical trial industry. Resultingly, sponsors, sites and CROs turn to AG Mednet to automate critical initiatives in trials. There is strong adoption of AG Mednet’s SaaS-based platform Judi with penetration across therapeutic areas including CNS, oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes, RA/OA, COPD and more. With a focus on a variety of workflows, Judi is a key system to accurately advance clinical trials. As the workflow management system of choice for the industry, Judi delivers:

  • Optimized performance for investigator sites responsible for collecting and submitting data according to trial protocols
  • Virtually infinite configurability to positively impact processes throughout the clinical trial continuum
  • Global built-in regulatory compliance to ensure each application of Judi is approved and within regulations


In the past 18 months, AG Mednet has introduced applications on the Judi platform to support:

  • Streamlined, automated workflows to quickly achieve a central eligibility review for patient enrollment via Judi // Eligibility
  • Workflow focused on security and automation of data safety monitoring board activities throughout the life of a clinical trial via Judi // DSMB
  • Management of end-to-end clinical event and endpoint adjudication workflows via Judi // Adjudication
  • Functions necessary to collect clinical trial image data, properly de-identify it, render it, and apply automated quality assurance processes to ensure data is protocol-compliant via Judi // Imaging


“The clinical trial industry’s success is built on two important efforts: first, accurately collected and reported data, and second, streamlined processes to expedite trials. AG Mednet allows the industry to do both much better,” said Abraham Gutman, founder and CEO of AG Mednet. “Improving data quality in clinical trials is our mission. Doing so enhances accuracy, accelerates trial outcomes and ultimately expedites the drug development timeline so the industry can get necessary treatments to patients with as little delay as possible.”


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