Building Trust in the Clinical Trial Industry

Maureen Meninger takes great pride in the journey that led to her career with AG Mednet. When she received a degree in Industrial Technology from UMass Lowell, Maureen was unsure of how she wanted to use it at first. However, she pursued a career focused on computer technology providing desktop, application and network support. Teaching herself a wealth of information in the area and achieving various certifications in the field, Maureen has always kept a finger on the pulse of emerging technology. Following this passion, Maureen joined the teleradiology/medical imaging field and was hired at AG Mednet where she serves as a technical support engineer. We sat down with Maureen to talk about challenges in the clinical trial industry, her top reasons to work at AG Mednet and her favorite activities outside of work.

Maureen Meninger AG Mednet

Maureen Meninger, AG Mednet

What is your role at AG Mednet?

MM: I’m a technical support engineer at AG Mednet. I’ve been in this role for about a year and a half now, providing support by email or phone to our customers and fielding different questions and inquiries that come up. With AG Mednet’s international presence, I would say 80% of my work revolves around email support but I do answer live calls as well. I typically deal with a broad range of questions from simple login, trial access and application support requests, to exam transfer and adjudication workflow discussions. 

What obstacles does the clinical trial industry need to overcome?

MM: Finding enough subjects for the trials has always been a challenge. Thankfully, AG Mednet is a global company and works diligently with our clients on finding different solutions for trial access and participation to ensure that investigator sites have an easy to use and robust tool that makes collecting and transferring patient data as easy as possible.

What’s the future of the clinical trial industry?

MM: The technology used in clinical trials is becoming smarter, faster and more precise and is only going to get more sophisticated moving forward. Because of this, AG Mednet is always working on providing more services and improvements, keeping the trust we have with our customers, and being known as a leader within the clinical trial industry.

Best reasons to work at AG Mednet?

MM: There are so many reasons to work at AG Mednet. It’s such a nice environment to work in and everyone across the company gets to have input. Some other companies grow so quickly that the culture can really deteriorate, but not at AG Mednet. Everyone is incredibly collaborative, and there is a great open-door policy. Everyone’s voice is heard which is refreshing.  We also have many employees that come from all over the world, probably at least 10 different languages are spoken here, so it makes it interesting to get to know them personally and learn about the many different customs and cultures.

Best spot for lunch near the office?

MM: We are located on the waterfront in the famous North End of Boston, which is well-known for its Italian eateries. A group of us in the office try to go out once a month and try a new restaurant – it’s the best way to get to know the area.  A personal favorite spot of mine (and many!) is Mike’s Pastries. We are also very close to other popular local and tourist spots such as Faneuil Hall, the Aquarium and Boston Garden.

Favorite thing to do outside of work?

MM: Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big Boston/New England sports fan, so I love watching and going to games. I also love rock concerts, camping and beach gatherings with my family and friends.


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