COVID-19 and Medical Imaging: Are Your CDs Transporting More Than Just Images?

Reports of clinical trial impact during this pandemic keep coming and they are painting a complex picture. Subjects unable to get medication or follow up. Monitors unable to perform their duties at investigator sites. Entire programs parked before starting. The list keeps growing.

For imaging trials, the potential for disruption is not limited to the serious issues faced by sites, but also for imaging core laboratories and sponsors that still receive CDs containing imaging data. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, most businesses have implemented a work-from-home policy for the majority, if not all, employees. As a result, exams submitted via physical media may never reach their intended destination. Even if the shipments are delivered, there will be no one to receive, log, QC and move them into the read queue. Perhaps even more alarming, those CDs are potential trojan horses that endanger the people who must handle them upon arrival.

For several years we have been working very hard with our sponsors, core labs and clinical sites to minimize the need for hard media to deliver image data. Our success rate of more than 95% electronic transmission across the hundreds of trials running on AG Mednet has been a watershed for our sponsors and labs. Until now these uniquely high rates have had an impact on the carbon footprint of those trials.

It has been evident for years that using AG Mednet’s tools for automated quality control and de-identification have achieved significant improvements in data quality and compliance. In today’s pandemic, the impact is even larger because electronic transmission of medical images eliminates an attack vector for COVID-19.

If your rate of electronic transmission across your trials is below the 95% threshold, please contact us so we can all do our part in preventing dissemination. We can help your organization quickly deploy a system to assist during these extreme times. Given the thousands of sites already on our network, we can quickly and painlessly maximize both quality and data transmission rates during these difficult times.

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