Judi // Eligibility

Judi // Eligibility streamlines and automates central eligibility review workflows in trials, and aggregates data to quickly achieve a final determination. The result is a trial with an accurate group of eligible patients enrolled within an appropriate timeframe. It’s a valuable tool for sponsors, investigator sites and trial managers.

Patient enrollment is one of the most expensive and delicate aspects of a new clinical trial. Clinical trials face a consistent shortage of subjects. Coupled with the likelihood of patients dropping out of a trial, choosing the right subjects for any study may represent the difference between a successful trial and an unsuccessful one.

Judi // Eligibility standard configuration includes the following:


Countdown clock for final decisions

Documents received / outstanding

Open queries

PHI redaction tools→

Applicable to both documents and medical images


Final decision performance statistics

Decisions within allotted timeframe

Decisions outside time parameters (by cause / by site)

Final decision (Inclusion / Exclusion)

Geography | Site | Reason


Straight line or dual concurrent

View state of all candidate submissions

Query system

Role-to-role communication

Branded eCRFs for required process states and decisions

Clinical trial protocols include increasingly complex inclusion and exclusion criteria which makes an efficient, central review of eligibility by an independent third party more vital than ever to a trial’s success. Trial managers and investigator sites must adhere to a strict patient acquisition process within a short, measurable time period.

Judi // Eligibility is designed to help manage the eligibility screening process, giving role-specific visibility to the different constituencies involved in order to achieve an accurate and timely eligibility determination with full transparency and an audit trail.

Judi // Eligibility can be used in both standard and customized configurations with workflows that can be chosen at the outset of a trial to determine eligibility. These configurations include straight line, single decision point, or dual, concurrent evaluations with a possible tiebreaker. The platform provides eCRFs, dashboards, reporting and interaction tools that make the process efficient and predictable – and more successful.

Judi // Eligibility automates and manages a challenging area of clinical trials – finding the right patients to make an accurate determination about the potential success of a new therapy. Enrolling the wrong patients in a trial disrupts data and slows a trial down; centralizing the decision-making process around patient enrollment, and implementing checks and balances allow the trial and its sponsor to have the right patient mix to move the trial forward.

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