Learning, Advancing in the Clinical Trial Industry

When Stephen Collins graduated college, he knew he wanted to make a difference in the workforce. As he started his career, he developed an interest in healthcare and the clinical trial industry. When he got the opportunity to work at AG Mednet, he jumped at the chance. We sat down with Stephen to ask about his experiences at AG Mednet, working in the clinical trial industry and, of course, the best place to eat lunch.

What is your role at AG Mednet?

SC: I’ve been working at AG Mednet for nearly three years now. Six months ago, I was promoted to senior applications engineer. I help design, configure, and maintain trials on the AG Mednet network. I also create query reports for customers. I work closely with project managers, software engineers and the support team.

Any advice for someone trying to get into your field of work?

SC: I graduated from UMass Amherst and believe my desire to learn new things is one of the reasons I’ve been successful at AG Mednet. This is a great place to learn. For people just starting out in this field, I would stress to them that they must have a desire to learn new information. If you study and practice things like JavaScript and relational databases, you can pick them up quickly and see how they can impact the work we are doing here.

What’s the future of the clinical trial industry?

SC: I see the clinical trial industry becoming more and more digitized. We’re going to rely even less on paper than we do now. A few years ago, if you walked into a doctor’s office, it was pen and paper. Now medical records and forms are exclusively done on a laptop. We’re only going to see that intensify.

Best reasons to work at AG Mednet?

SC: AG Mednet has a great atmosphere. It’s a comfortable environment with smart and funny people. You get the opportunity to work on different projects and with project managers, software engineers and the support team to learn so much. It doesn’t hurt that our location on the Boston waterfront near the North End is great too.

Best spot for lunch near the office?

SC: We have a lot of great lunch options around us. Monica’s Mercato is a personal favorite, they have great sandwiches.

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