Longitudinal Analysis within our SQC Module

At AG Mednet we understand how essential accuracy and compliance are to the success of a clinical trial; that’s why we created our Submission Quality & Compliance (SQC) Module that automatically detects errors at the investigator site—prior to data submission—to ensure quality and accelerate the clinical trial decision-making process.

In an effort to continue our commitment to zero-delay clinical trials, we released AG Mednet Longitudinal Analysis within our SQC trial management system. Longitudinal Analysis automates the consistency and validity of imaging data throughout a clinical trial while improving the quality and speed of the trial in parallel.

Key benefits of the functionality include:

– Monitoring and comparing of image thickness to align with consistent trial protocols.
– Automated tracking for imaging equipment to ensure image consistency.
– Automated calendaring for time-dependent timepoints to determine accurate scanning timing.

We’re excited to see the positive impact Longitudinal Analysis will have on the clinical trial industry, not only by saving sponsors time and money, but by playing a role in effective, efficient trials.


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