Meet AG Mednet at 5th Annual Endpoint Adjudication Conference to Discuss Trends, Insights, Challenges

Industry leaders are gathering from May 1-2 for the 5th Annual Endpoint Adjudication Conference. The premier endpoint adjudication event provides practical insights to manage the complex adjudication process for independent review committee selection and charter development, as well as compiling information from various sources to provide consistent, reliable and accurate data for adjudication.

AG Mednet is a sponsor of CBI’s Annual Endpoint Adjudication Conference. The conference is the only event that brings together clinical experts to discuss the latest insights, current trends and best practices for managing endpoint adjudication. Industry leaders in the following areas are encouraged to attend:

  • Adjudication
  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Project Management
  • Data Management
  • Medical Affairs
  • Protocol Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Safety


AG Mednet is providing crucial technology for endpoint adjudication in clinical trials. Judi // Adjudication is the first comprehensive electronic endpoint adjudication system to manage workflow and ensure data quality. The platform is designed from the ground up to support investigator sites, CROs, data managers, CEC members and sponsors who submit, collect, manage, organize and adjudicate clinical endpoint data.

The conference will be held in Philadelphia, PA. For more information and to learn how you can attend visit

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