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Marie Matthews didn’t have a traditional career path that led her to AG Mednet. As she puts it, she “fell into this career” in her 30s and has now spent a decade immersed in the world of clinical trials. We sat down with Marie to ask questions about her experiences at AG Mednet, working in the clinical trial industry and her favorite thing to do outside of work.

Marie Matthews, AG Mednet

Marie and her grandson.


What is your role at AG Mednet?

MM: I wear many hats at AG Mednet, and I love it. I’m a program manager and have been with the company for a little under three years. I work on day-to-day project management tasks, trial management, and work alongside the business development team for support. I spend a lot of time mentoring others in the company and focusing on how to scale the business. The work is always changing since we’re a growing company; it’s very exciting.

Any advice for someone trying to get into your field of work?

MM: If you’re going to work in this industry you must feel passionate about it. No matter what you end up doing you should always feel like you’re making a difference and an impactful contribution. This is a growing, evolving field and more people should consider getting into the clinical trial industry, especially here at AG Mednet. This is a field that can really going to help people, make a difference in so many people’s lives. Just because you are not classically trained in the life sciences industry and have not worked in the clinical trials technology field before, it’s still worth exploring. We often find people with transferable skills work well here.  Reach out to people in the industry and see how your skills can fit within an organization.

What’s the future of the clinical trial industry?

MM: The clinical trial industry is booming and it’s going to change dramatically over the next 10 years. The more advanced artificial intelligence becomes the better it will be for clinical trials. AG Mednet is at the forefront of innovation. With Google and Apple becoming more involved in people’s healthcare with wearables, we’re able to collect and process much more data than ever before, that’s only going to increase interest in moving clinical trials forward.

Best reasons to work at AG Mednet?

MM: I can’t stress enough what a great place AG Mednet is to work. It’s a small enough company that you really feel like you’re making a difference and you can work with so many different departments. It’s so refreshing to see how passionate everyone is about their job. Our CEO also really makes it known that we’re AG Mednet – it’s all of ours and we’re making a difference.

Favorite thing to do outside of work?

MM: I love to take long walks and I love to spend time with my family. I have three daughters and two grandchildren, so family is incredibly important to me. I love coming up with adventures for the kids and spending time with them. I also love to sleep – can’t leave that out.

Favorite movie?

MM: I don’t have a single favorite movie. My absolute favorite things to watch are Asian dramas and scary movies. A group of us from AG Mednet go to the theater each month to see any scary movies that have come out – it’s a lot of fun.


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